Building an e-Business: Design, Development and Management Guide Lines For Beginners

Building an e-Business: Design, Development and Management 

Building an e-Business: Design, Development and Management 

Turnkey plan 

E-business designs 

Redistribute the endeavor 

Things you ought to consider before beginning an e-business; 



Customer relationship the heads, 

Enduring on the web portions, 

Unendingly invigorating substance, 

Seeing social differentiations and real limits 

Giving security features 

Creating e-Business Ideas 

Produce Solid Idea 

Prepare Business Plan 



Advancement of e-Business: Evaluating Risk 

Assessment will accept a basic activity in the progression of your e-business. 

Review the current market 

What associations are productive? 

Which is fighting? 

Creative degrees of progress 

Finding Funding &Going Public 

A hazardous undertaking (Forrester measures $2—$40 million) 

Financial sponsorship 

Web Incubator in Pakistan (Plan9, The Nest I/o, WeCreate Pakistan) 

half Stake 

Control of the business 

Employment in powerful 

No Ownership(Govt Agencies) 


Beginning Public Offering(IPO) 

Not a straightforward task 

Convince Investors 

Pre-chosen level of the ownership 

Keep up stock worth 

Setting Your Plan Into Action 

Picking a Domain Name 

Host name, 

Space name 

Elevated level space (TLD) 

Association Name 

Space names are getting phenomenal 

Cost depends upon extension($30 and $200 per name) 

When selection, Annual costs 

Deftly Chain Management 

Regulate fulfillment 

(for instance dissemination focus accumulating, moving 

stock organization and bring frameworks back) 

Uncommonly made 

Grows capability 

E-Shipping organizations 

Site Hosting(90%) 

Web-encouraging associations 



Given workers and colocation 

Association own worker 

Online SiteBuilder instrument 

Site engineering (Elaborate structure, Graphics, Content) 

Easy to-investigate 

Structure consistency 

Appealing structures (Branding, Logos and concealing plans) 

Update content routinely 

Recollect purchasers’ tendencies 

Updating the User Experience 

Glancing through limits ( 

Keen administrators ( ) 

Zooming feature 

System building features (FAQs) 

Connect with us 

Making sure about Your e-Business 

Assurance Policy (Staples Zip code issue) 

Host disclaimers 

Thing bending (A wrong estimation or Product cost, Dated information, Inaccurate associations ) 

Easy to discover 

Clear and compact 

Spouting Media: How Much Is Too Much? 

Spouting video and sounds 

Low web speed 

Download media can be an issue 

Test without any other person first 

Making arrangements for New Technologies 

Join new advances 

Adaptable structure

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