Enhance up your Vocabulary in 2020

let us go ahead and scale up our vocabulary in 2020 okay now the first and the foremost word which you definitely must add to your vocabulary is nomophobia well yes that’s right well what is nomophobia well nomophobia’s sort of a fear of losing your phone or the fear of not having your phone around right because the phone has become our cell phones have become such an addiction nowadays that some people end up having this phobia of not having our cell phone around so that entire fear or worry of being driven away from your cell phonies known as nomophobia okay what is a bluebird day so bluebird day is nothing but a day that is marked by a cloudless blue sky so basically a very beautiful day a perfect day to go out for a vacation fora picnic for some fun that is a perfect bluebird day okay, look at the sun.

it’s such a bluebird day to zone out now what does it mean to zone out so zone out means to lose your concentration now definitely it might have happened to many of us many times wherein we are doing some work but we end up losing our concentration sometimes in-between and we don’t even realize it that process is known as to zone out you looked very zoned out todays when you when someone asks you or someone tells you that you look very zoned out they only mean that you look as if you know you look very lost today it is very visible that your concentration is somewhere shattered and it’s not you’re not concentrating on whatever isogon okay recuperate what is recuperate so recuperate means to recovers you might have fallen or any of your colleagues or any of your friends or anyone who has fallen ill and is in the process of recovery is known to recuperate from the illness so next time instead of using the recover you might want to use recuperates pine less what is spineless doesn’t literally mean that the person doesn’t have a spine at all obviously none of us can survive without spinal cord but spineless means to lack courage soy feel that he’s an extremely spineless tube suppressed by his colleagues in his team.

so that is what is meant by spineless so someone who completely lacks courage and does not have the grit to stand up and you know to take a stand for himself or herself okay foible what is a foible well foibles a weakness right so we all have foibles we all have weaknesses right human beings are full of weaknesses hence human beings are full of foibles so next time whenever you’re using the word weakness you also might want to use foible instead of that proffer what is proffer well proffer means offer so it both the words sound very rhyming as well they mean the meaning is also similar okay you might want to use proffer instead of offer whenever you are using this wording your language and its sort of it’s going to scale up your vocabulary by quite a bit ruse what is a ruse well ruse is a trick so whenever uh you know you feel that someone is trying to play a trick with you or someone is trying to trick you know that it’s sort of rules right so ruse is another word for trick or ploy so I couldn’t see through the trickster’s rules leading me to call his bluff surf it what is surf it well surfer means the excess of something.

so, for example, you have gone out the foursome function or some gathering and you feel that the food which is being served there is way too much you might want to Callister it right okay the surface of political parties in India has led to confusion in the waters because there are so many political parties are what is meant by the sentence so suffix means over an excess of something so next time whenever you have to use excess you might want to use surf it instead well all these words are sort of in addition to the existing vocabulary which is there in your mind keep adding new vocabulary to your mind every day and start using it in your language to scaleup your entire English well.

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