Gold Rate in Pakistan Today, August 18, 2023

Fresh updates on the gold rate in Pakistan, effective August 18, 2023, show Rs. 232,824.147 per tola. By how much does Rs. decrease here? From yesterday’s price of Rs., the figure is 1,175.853. 234,000.

A comprehensive examination of international gold prices, the rupee’s worth, and market demand define the gold rate in Pakistan.

The most critical factor behind the declining international gold price is the US interest rate rise. As the Pakistani rupee weakens versus the US dollar, the impact of the global gold price drop is partly offset.

As a consequence, the gold rate in Pakistan has remained relatively unchanged recently. The local gold rate may drop further if the international gold price continues its downward trend.

Here are the gold rates in Pakistan for different karats and weights:

Gold Rate 24K Gold 22K Gold 21K Gold 18K Gold
Per Tola Gold 232,824.147 213,422.135 203,721.129 174,618.110
Per 10 Gram Gold 199,557.853 182,928.032 174,613.121 149,668.390
Per 1 Gram of Gold 19,955.785 18,292.803 17,461.312 14,966.839
Per Ounce 565,762.677 518,615.787 495,042.342 424,322.008

Here are the factors that can affect the gold rate in Pakistan:

  • The international gold price
  • The value of the Pakistani rupee has diminished noticeably within the past year.
  • Local market supply and demand dynamics
  • Decades of political and economic instability have haunted Pakistan.
  • Natural disasters
  • Speculation in the gold market

How to buy gold in Pakistan:

Multiple approaches exist for acquiring gold within Pakistan. Among these options, you can find a gold dealer who is authorized by the government.

Investing in gold requires diligent research and price assessments from multiple dealers. A reliable dealer must provide a certificate of authenticity.

The importance of gold in Pakistan:

Gold’s appeal in Pakistan stems from its ability to safeguard wealth and retain its value. It finds use in adornments and other embellishments as well.

Pakistan’s gold prices fluctuate frequently, thus necessitating ongoing monitoring. To find reliable sources, consult jewelers’, banks’, or government-certified gold dealers’ websites.

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