How to Embed a product from Shopify on WordPress

Today we will look at how to embed a product on the WordPress website in Gutenberg’s new editor.

the first thing 

You will want to do is make sure you have a shopping button purchase channel installed in your Shopify store. When you are done, you will click on its roadman and you will see this display. 

From here, you can click on this button to create a purchase button. We will click on that. Once you click on that you will see a series of products you have in your store. In my model shop I have made myself love my caravan.

so I will keep clicking on that and clicking on the selected product. Now there is another collection option but this time we will use the product. 

Just presented on the next screen we can choose how we want this to be displayed. Wean choose basic, button or advanced format. Hmm, I really like that it has improved so I will choose this. 

I would go over here and adjust this action button, one would be, perhaps directing customers to exit which makes it more than a buy button or can be added to Cart information. 

make a buy button;

I want them to work now and be ready to go shopping. Now I can go over here and select a different alignment file, how the button looks and sounds and font style. Because now I’ll keep you in the default settings. So, what I want to do from here is that, at the top of this corner there is a button that says generate code, so we’ll press you. 

Once you have done that, this popup will be visible and give you this button which means you are copying the code to the clipboard and this is what we will click. This is what you copy the code to the clipboard so we can use it to install it on our WordPress Website. Now that I’ve done that, I’m going to switch to another tab where my WordPress website is located. 

Now on my WordPress website,

I understand what you would like to do to put this maybe in a post or page. From here either method will work so we will just give you the example we have and I will add you to the post with a new add-on click. 

Now if you are already working the posting will work the same way. For this we will make sample and navigation posts here we want to take you out of a block called HTML and click on it. What this block allows is to attach custom HTML, such as a purchase button or ad code if this is what you enter here. But in this case when we use embed code. So, we’ll click, we’ll paste it and the whole HTML group will appear but don’t worry. 

It is not necessary to understand this code that we know will only make the purchase button appear. Now the great thing about this HTML block is that you can click this button here which means preview. 

By doing so, I can be sure that this is the shirt I will use. So, this time I’m going to click to publish now my post live. Let’s see what this will look like. Where we are going! I now have an embedded product on my WordPress website. 

Now clicking this will send them immediately to my Shopify store. Now all you are doing is bringing this beautiful pop-up, now it will be my demo store protected by password which is why you are seeing this right now. However, it will quickly release this pop-up where it can enter the payment details and purchase the product when you are done.

The order is complete and that concludes well with a tutorial on how to embed a product on WordPress in Gutenberg’s new editor. And if you enjoy it

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