How To Export & Import WooCommerce Products With Images

I will show you how to send WooCommerce products from one website to another website. So, if you like this, please like it. If you are new here, you want to learn more about WordPress affiliate marketing about Shopify. So, let’s get started. Uh, I have a few products here and I want to post them on a different website. This website has already installed WooCommerce and already has a few products. And I want to import my products. How can I do that? I go to my website back to back. After that, I go to the products, to all the products, and then to the other side of the products that I can click on export. So, I click there. Scroll down and I want to remove all custom metadata. And I click to produce S V. Done in a few seconds, depending on how big your web store is. After that, I go to a new website. I got a backend. 

After that Igor made the products, all the products. Now I click to import this way and see if this falls over here. And if you want, you can upload an existing update, existing products. I click to continue, and all of this is right for me. So, I scroll down the path and click to run the importer. Other than that, use it. And that’s not what you want. You know, if I’m an importer you’re going to work, it’s hard to recover from that. All right. It worked. Yes. 17 products in the drawings feel unpleasant, blah, blah. I want to look at the products. How are they? Are they alive? Are they happy? Do they have all the pictures? Yes. So now when I go to the website with Igor for all the products, 

I look at my product, I look like a product. I can click on it. And it’s in the style of a new website. This website, by the way, is done in a few seconds, a few minutes using additional templates, they feel alone knowing how to do that, how to install it, take it here or look at the description. And I think this is it. Thesis how easy it is. And if you want, if you feel Lakethe, let’s do something more. After that, you can get back. After that, you can go to Commerce mode. Let’s see how WooCommerce works today. With this. What you used to think is go-to tools and you can refresh all the icons. If you do not find it here. You can search for it. I click on non-renewal. I’m sure I’ll do it. This will take time. And we will simply refresh all the photos and sometimes it would be good for the photos. So, thank you for this. If you like it, please love it. Or if you want to support me in any way, be very happy and you will see good.

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