How to Open Account with Stock Exchange Brokers

How to Open Account with Stock Exchange Brokers

Most of the Questions Every Investor Ask the Brokers

What is the base venture required for the opening of a record? 

There is no base prerequisite for interest in the PSX. In any case, a base money parity of Rs. 20,000 is required to be kept up in your record with ZSL

What are account opening charges? 

Following charges are material on every single new record: UNI Charges Rs.400/ – , NCSS Charges Rs.400/ – , CDC Charges Rs. 400/ – . 

Are there any yearly charges? 

Yearly Charges: NCSS Charges Rs. 400/ – , CDC Charges Rs. 400/ – 

What are your bonus charges? 

Our Commissions depend on the piece framework and are not fixed as a level of significant worth. Further, we give limits on huge volume arrangements and same-day exchanging accounts. 

What is the record opening system on the off chance that I am living abroad? 

There are three kinds of records you can open. 

TYPE 1) 

Individual record (Resident or alien Pakistani) Individuals can likewise have shared services. Necessities: a) Valid CNIC of record holder(s) and candidate (assuming any) confirmed duplicates of all record holders and chosen people are required b) Valid financial balance (structure must be validated by applicable bank office director. 

TYPE 2) 

Company Account (Incorporated in Pakistan) Requirements 
a) Article of Memorandum and Association 
b) Board Resolutions 
c) Form A 
d) Certificate of Incorporation 
e) List of approved people who will work the record and their CNIC. 

TYPE 3) 

Foreign National Account (SACRA account) You can download our structures for the website page or go to any of our branches to get the record opening structures. The sum total of what structures have been normalized by SECP/CDC. You should confirm your marks from your bank and genuinely present the structures to us or convey them by hand to any of our workplaces. 

For additional subtleties, you can register our Invest with PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange) data. 

How long does it consider? 

It takes 2-3 working days to open a record. 

Would I be able to email you the appropriately filled structures? 

Truly, however, we will require the first structures to open your record. 

For what reason am I not getting a profit order from the stock exchange brokers? 

Profit order whenever checked in your SAVE is consequently sent to your assigned bank by the organization. On the off chance that you are not getting it sympathetically check with the organization. You will get the counter folio of the profit once the organization has saved it in your assigned ledger. 

What is the technique for opening records in the event that I have to exchange wares? 

You have to download our product structure and round out the subtleties and carry it to our office alongside your authenticated CNIC. When affirmed you will be dispensed a login and secret key by PMEX. 

Is it the Business place of Asim Zafar (Son of S.M. Zafar)? 

Truly, it is. Syed Asim Zafar is the director of Zafar Securities Pvt. Ltd. 

On the off chance that the candidate’s CNIC is terminated, can a record be opened? 

As a security include; if there is no action purchasing/selling for over a year, that the record gets inert and no all the more exchanging or withdrawal is permitted. You should reach us through your email account enrolled with us; with the goal for it to become dynamic once more. 
The record is obstructed because of the accompanying reasons: 
1. Deficient or missing documentation 
2. Notice gave by SECP/CDC/PSX 
3. Terminated CNIC 
4. Dubious Trading action 

What is a speculator account with stock exchange brokers? 

A financial specialist account permits you to keep up your care with CDC straightforwardly. 

I have to refresh my place of residence, versatile number, how might I do that? 

Generously utilize the “account update structure” accessible in the download tab of our website page to refresh any data in your record. 

How record opening expense is to be stored in the stock exchange brokers office? 

All the expenses are naturally charged for you. You are mentioned to keep a base parity of Rs. 5000 with the goal that all charges are properly paid. 

When are a/c opening charges deducted? 

Record opening charges are deducted once at account opening time and afterward every year for account support. 

From where would I be able to get my CNIC validated? 

You ought to have your CNIC authenticated by a 19-grade official or above. Further, you can carry the first to our office and get a checked duplicate for the record.

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