How to Write SEO FRIENDLY ARTICLE on WordPress in 2020

I have heard of the writing of articles that allow SEO. Honestly, I see that creating backlinks is very important in finding that your article is ranked in the number 1 of your objective viewing words. In any case, by 2020 creating high-quality backlinks is very difficult. In any case, as it should be clear from the picture on the screen that there are many if my articles put one number or do not have many backlinks.

With these lines, make sure you watch this video to the end because I will be sharing some process on how to write a good SEO article. Also, you can do the same cycle again, so you can drive free traffic, even without backlinks. Similarly, I have created an agenda where I share a specific development that you should take whenever you write an article. I show you a specific cycle that you can breed for yourself people, make sure you watch this video to the end because I will share many programs on what makes a good SEO article. In line with these lines, if you happen to have seen my special research video and catchphrase research video, then you will know that in fact, you should be especially careful about what to choose and continue with how you can get a low watch name. Since SEO is 2 different ways, on the Seonaid off-page Sepoys page, you can create many backlinks, but at the same time, you have to have a lot of page power, so that without backlinks you can get your article ranked 1 in my watchword research video, I have shown the case of the best clothes to wear in India. So let me look at this, and in the case where we enter the URL of page number 1… let… Bijli Bacha, this page puts number1.

We put it here, look and go to topotecan click here, in “see all” to find the article we are focusing on as the “best washers in India”, this gives us a reduction in the number of watchwords to the position. At the moment we need to see that in this particular document, “washer of the best clothes in India”, this has a very significant pursuit of 14,800 and the status of this article, because this surname is the second place, driving 2300 people on his site, right? All in all, our most important name comes from “India’s best clothes wash”, right? In addition, our helpful words in which we should rate the same article say “brand washer brand best, brand best washer brand…” because the search volume for these watchwords is smaller than this. In addition, the purpose of our article is comparable, because this is our fastest competitor and Google now loves it. At that point, the person has to do something right. In this way, we will keep our watch name as important as the “best clothes in India” If you use Uber propose which is a free word finder, you can use that. Alternatively, you can use rabbits, I have included the same article RescYou can go to the natural part of the word capture. Once again, we found the same sentence, “India’s best clothing washer” with the same capacity of 14,000, approximately.

Moreover, comparative traffic… so our keywords are found to be “washing the best clothes in India”, right? In this way, the first step in creating an SEO-specific article is choosing the basic catchphrase that you want your article to be placed on. In this context, we take our keywords such as “India’s best clothing watch”. In line with these lines, we have to go back to our WordPress dashboard, we will add another article. In addition, we will include the title as the main keyword, “The Most Washing Machine in India”. By now you should understand, this article is just for our blog, right? In this way, the title will appear in the object in question. This article is featured that puts you here in a show with a theme and a meta title. This is the topic here. In line with these lines, if you are likely to install the “best clothing washer in India” here, in the Yoast SEO module, here is the Yoast SEO module. In addition, anything we write here, such as… currently the month is April 2019 and if we say we present “Audit and Comparison” as you do the survey and the full evaluation, we can also include “Top 10”.

Currently, the topic here may be “the washer of the best clothes in India”, this is for your blog only. Anyway, the topic here, is the topic that will appear in Google query items, right? Plus, you should make sure it’s green here. If it happens to be red, that means the length of the title is higher than allowed. Along these lines, make sure the bar is green. OK… and the next upgrade, to get your wording condition, which is “India’s best clothes washer” and URL. Additionally, the URL should contain only the name of the program view. Moreover, it should not contain anything else. This is the SEO strategy I use, where I keep the URL with the only important catchphrase. For now, I have to disclose that we have registered a space name as “best” however this site is for the sole purpose of deception, to show you exactly how to write my articles, for my site shoots. I can see that it is not connected, but this is a very useful service. Okay, people are currently coming up with a meta image. So now we have included the meta title, we have our own brand name in the URL structure, we now have to add a favorite image, and we will give a description behind the people who can click.

Since this part of Yoast SEO is critical. The title should need to be clicked by individuals. So for anyone looking for the best washing machine here, we can see that most of the results above are Top 5 or Top 9 or Top 10. So we know that this is the type of inquiry and the type of proposal that a person expects. When someone in India is looking for the best washing machine. In this way, we try to follow. Do not try something new, follow what is working, and improve your opposition. Like this, most of the people have the top 10 articles, so we did the top 10 things. We added our basic Sentinel and we added the month and year as well. Since everyone has to keep themselves up to date with the latest statistics. Thus, by adding the term April 2019, our opponent will increase the speed of people pressing our result against us.

This will help improve the situation. Also, including the audit and correlation, repeating to the person looking that we have made a point through point survey and testing. Right now our rich, meta illustration can be well incorporated. Or we can add again, “You may want to buy a washing machine …” Okay so now that the bar is orange, make sure it’s green. Thus, our primary watchword is “Best Laundry in India” just like our title at our URL. Our title is good, it follows what is now working on Google list items. We have added an additional month and year with the aim of clicking on our active visitor percentage increase. Additionally, we have included “Audit and Tests” so that sometimes more people click on our title. OK? Therefore, it is part of Yoast SEO. Right now, we have to come – now how do we look at our opponents. What kind of materials are they creating? In these ways, whatever your intentions, make sure you check it out and get information about the 5 best person articles to keep an eye on your target. Therefore, it is a test cycle. Anytime you are thinking of an SEO-adjusted article, it is not that you will think about an article and then write the article yourself. You first need to do a valid test, you need to take the gender of your opponent, they are creating. How they are writing the article, what is working, what is not working. Aim that you can write an article better than your opponent.

The purpose of creating an SEO-editing article is to write an article 10xbetter more than each of your competitors, so we try to search for inconveniences and create better articles in each article here. Therefore, here we go about the main article. We can see it; This is an exceptionally long way. The thing right now is, no one has to go through a huge path. Individuals tend toward single-line answers. Something with sections. What is in space on the web or in a two-line path is the same. In these ways, all we can do is add an appropriate section. Okay, here is a list of some chapters. So this route is useful for a reason. Thus, he had a watchman in the title, had the appropriate connections, and displayed the pictures. Also, see that the paths are too long, so it ends. In this way, all we can do is write articles that have the appropriate space and arrangement. In addition, I can see that there is no ominous fall and fall… Also, here are our advantages and disadvantages… However, on the other hand, they are not properly broken down. Therefore, we can increase it. Furthermore, I can see, there is no recording here. In these ways, you can search for some YouTube recordings, search for images, which really helps to extend the on-page season of our site. In addition, it really helps us to improve the rankings. In these ways, we move on to another article.

Okay, so this article contains a list of chapters, the appropriate event, the appropriate place, based on what you can see there. Further, see what is valid, he has a formula viewer in the title of the article. In these ways, it really helps to expand the full number of snacks towards the Amazon. Similarly, ups and downs with green checkmarks and red stripes look pleasant. Also, so this article is good, it’s great. Additionally, there are no recordings in this article. So this is the main improvement we can make

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