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How to Work on the autocorrect feature 

how to work on the autocorrect feature 

now what its autocorrect basically is sometimes while typing we write incorrect you know words and all so that time automatically if the word will do the autocorrection for example if I type here as the I wanted to type as the but I have mistakenly type as the when I press ENTER you see automatically the text has been converted the spelling J changed to the first thing second thing is the caps lock the first alphabet of the word became capital similarly if I type here as advantage let’s say for example this one the mistake there is a spelling mistake advantage tag but I have written as tag so once I press enter you see automatically yeah so here the word is not said so there are some words which are set at the back end only those words can be auto-corrected but this word since this Isn’t on the back quit executed so it isn’t always automobile-correcting there’s one extra example if i open the bracket and type here as c and near your bracket so if I close the bracket I should get us Can the brackets but when I close the bracket automatically I get this C now what exactly is working why these are working and why it is not working so Buti can do the autocorrect settings.
if you want to do the autocorrect settings youkan go to the file options and then you can go to this proofing here it is autocorrect options so in this autocorrect dialog box if you see if I type here as T E H if I select here aster you see here the will be replaced with this word thee that’s it so if a type here has advantage deg okay so if I type your advantage that’s the spelling mistake incorrectly so it says there‚Äôs nothing kind of spelling mistake done here so I cannot replace with anything so if I want to replace this text with these some other text let’s say advantage I can type here as a DV and tag advantage and I can click on add so this word will be added to the dictionary or consist library of Microsoft Word click on add you see that is added in case if I type by mistake this word it will replace with this word that is advantage okays similarly, there are some few more options which says capitalize the first word of every cent you see a capitalized first letter of sentences kept correct to initial capitals and so on so these are some substitution settings done.
now I’ll type a similar word at the back end and you witness what will so I’ll simply tap on close and Snap-on OK here I’ll type at 1t j tag and press enter so you observe here earlier it didn’t change the spelling and now it has corrected spelling because I have done the settings at the back end so that is known as auto-correction so I hope you have understood how to do these settings for the auto-correction and it’s very useful that’s all for this.

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