PDMA Forecast: Monsoon Rain For The Whole Week

we are giving you a comprehensive forecast of the monsoon rain expected in various districts of Punjab province until August 7, as released by the spokesperson of PDMA Punjab. Our detailed report covers the current flood situation in the rivers of Punjab and offers insights into the water flow at different locations.

Monsoon Rain Forecast till August 7

The Pakistan Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has announced that monsoon rains are expected to continue in several districts of Punjab province until August 7. The forecast indicates that there may be a reduction in the intensity of the monsoon rains during this period. It is important for residents and authorities in the affected areas to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions to ensure safety.

Normalizing Flood Situation in Punjab Rivers

As of the latest update, the flood situation in the rivers of Punjab is gradually normalizing. The water flow has returned to normal levels at major dams and barrages. Specifically, the water flow is normal at Tarbela, Chashma, and Kala Bagh. This improvement in the flood situation is relieving for the communities residing along the riverbanks.

Water Flow Status in Specific Rivers

1. Jasar River

The water flow in the Jasar River is currently stable, posing no immediate threat of flooding. Local authorities are closely monitoring the situation to ensure the safety of nearby settlements.

2. Shahdara River

Similar to the Jasar River, the Shahdara River is experiencing normal water flow, and there are no concerns of flooding at the moment.

3. Baloki River

The water flow in Baloki River remains within normal parameters, ensuring the safety of the region surrounding its banks.

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4. Jhelum River

The situation in the Jhelum River is relatively stable, with the water flow at a normal level. However, there is a possibility of a high-level flood at Mangala in Jhelum River during August 4-6. Residents in the vicinity should be cautious and prepared for any potential flooding.

5. Chenab River

Chenab River is also experiencing a normal water flow, bringing relief to the residents living near its course.

6. Sutlej River

Currently, there is a low-level flood in the Sutlej River at Head Sulemanki and Islam. The authorities are actively monitoring the situation and providing necessary assistance to the affected communities.

Ensuring Safety and Preparedness

As the monsoon season continues, it is crucial for the residents of Punjab to remain vigilant and adhere to safety guidelines issued by the authorities. It is advisable to stay informed about the latest weather updates and flood alerts. Additionally, people living in flood-prone areas should have an emergency plan in place to ensure their safety and that of their belongings.

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