Shipping process from China to the USA – Guide And Details

Shipping is one of the modern options. Cross the Chinese line to the United States in a very short time. To have a smooth introduction, you need to know all the steps. Shipping from China to the USA is the fastest and safest way for traders.

Shipping process from China to the USA

After your goods have been manufactured at the factory, your shipping company or the freight forwarder will load them up and take them to the airport. It stays there for a very short time to do the export work. Goods are then loaded onto a plane and flown to the United States. When it gets to its destination, customs are explored. Once you have paid all the taxes and duties, your goods will be released. The shipping company or freight forwarder and make bakkie and delivery.

Delivery time

Here you have three types of options depending on the size of the goods, with different time and travel costs:

• Air cargo: 8-10 days

• Display: 3 days. It is the fastest and most expensive way to deliver.

• Regularly posted: 1-2 weeks. China Post offers faster, less expensive email options.

Cost of flights from China to the USA

Your shipping costs from China to the USA depend on many factors. In order to reduce and prevent financial losses, you need to be well aware of these things.

At about $ 3 per kilogram, regular air transport is the cheapest way to ship between 150 pounds and 500 kg. To calculate your air intake rate, you need to measure the maximum weight of the product. Then calculate its volumetric weight. The maximum number is your charged weight. However, this is not the only cost included in your final shipping invoice from China to the USA:

• Packing: Always use lightweight and durable packaging materials for air transportation. Use newspapers and bubbles as much as possible to get more resistance. Because its weight affects your expenses.

• Insurance: Make sure you use insurance to prevent financial losses.

• Seizure and delivery: Loading and unloading goods requires skilled personnel and special equipment. Because each type of product has its own way. There are also a variety of delivery options: door-to-door, door-to-door.

• Product types: Each product type requires its own pallet. Some goods will be damaged and require pallets to be refrigerated. Some are sensitive and precious and need extra security.

• Distance: China is too far away from the United States. As a result, it is safer to choose airports near China. Because the distance is shorter, the cost is lower.

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