Shopify Apps that will make you sell more

Shopify is a very complete platform, but even so, we will always need external help. These are the best free Shopify Apps applications or with several free trial days that we can find, in my opinion, that will help us improve the sale of our product.

Apps that will sell more products on Shopify



It is an application that will reinforce our message. It is an opinion application. The customer buys in your online store and after a few days receives an email asking him to give his opinion of the purchase, you can even offer him.

Then the application gives us statistics, allows us to share the message and that helps future customers see the opinions of other buyers on social networks. Fake comments? Sure, you can, but Yotpo differentiates between real profiles, profiles that have bought in the store, or profiles that have registered with their Facebook account. There are no traps here!



Surely you have already noticed. Visits to your online store come in, look at the products, add one to the cart, enter their data, and at the time of giving them to pay they rethink it and leave. It may be that they are in a hurry, that when they see so much form they are lazy or they were simply walking around and did not know how much the shipping costs cost. 

That is why AbandonApp will be very helpful to us, at first these abandoned cars will happen to us a couple of times a month, which is not difficult to remedy by sending one or two emails to the customer who has left without buying, in total we only have 2 or 3 abandoned cars, it costs nothing. But what if we have two or three abandoned cars every day? The customer has been about to buy, he will rarely return if we do not motivate him, tomorrow he will think again or look at other stores, it is time to act.



It is the application that has served me the most. AdRoll helps us with retargeting.

What is retargeting?

Have you noticed that after visiting a website then you see ads from that same website on different pages you visit? Go to Amazon and look at some products, you will see that in a while you will see shopping ads everywhere, that is retargeting.

Now imagine that out of 100 visits you buy 2, which means that there are 98 people who do not buy. You can retarget them and show them offers to attract them back to your store and end up buying


La 5 is not a Shopify application, it is an application for your smartphone. I am a somewhat messy person, I keep all the invoices from the suppliers and I write down the sales, but I never look at them later. Expense Control helps me with it. In a very simple way it allows us to write down on our phone the charges and expenses day by day, then it gives us statistics to reflect on and tells us the benefits and losses.


Do you use any apps for Shopify that you would like to recommend? 

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