Switching from ETSY to SHOPIFY in 2021

If you are looking for a great business by 2021 and beyond, you might consider earning towards a platform that will grow your business and provide you with tools to help create a dynamic product. 

I help you build your creative skills and creative confidence. Today I want to share with you a few reasons why you can get rid of Shopify Etsy in 2021 First of all, I just want to say that I have nothing to do with Shopify or Etsy. And this is a response from an honest business owner, not sponsored by any means. 

Started at Etsy a few years ago and decided to switch to Shopify at this time last year. That said, what are your biggest challenges with Etsy or Buy? 

Note below. 

I’d love to help So for starters, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you might stick to Etsy’s 2020. Ask yourself these three quick questions. 

You can start at Etsy.

First, you are just starting? Your first sale with Etsy can be a great way to build a customer base and save some money for later Shopify subscriptions. If you are a brand new seller, it is good to be part of the Etsy market because consumers want direct handmade goods or art and crafts. search here. And Etsy can show them your work. 

Basically, you have a fast-paced platform-built audience. That is, it can take a little work to improve your Etsy store so that the right buyers can find your products. More than 2.4 million stores sell on Etsy. There are many ways to build a strong visual brand within Etsy to help you stand out from the crowd. , profile pictures and product photos are almost all you can.

After that and you want to add using keywords, descriptions, and metadata But all of these things Shopify does really work, but if you’re just getting started, it might be worth it for Etsy to start building this customer base. If you ask them to come in, your customers may agree to sign up for your email list. 

if you get started on Shopify later

Then, you can notify your email list and encourage them to follow you before your new store. The next question to ask yourself is, Are you selling as a hobby or a business? If you’re a small retailer and don’t try to grow your business clearly, don’t just stick to Etsy. Etsy is ready for hobby businesses that are not looking for Big Growth. 

That’s not to say that most retailers don’t see much success in Etsy. And there is plenty of help out there if you are interested in pursuing Etsy with huge sales numbers. But I think with some of Etsy’s new policies and finances, it’s always getting harder. 

A successful Etsy store job is the same social media marketing strategy you can use in a Shopify store And I think your store can grow a lot on Shopify for a few reasons I’ll get into it in just a moment. Another question that might help you decide whether you want to stick to Etsyis, are you selling goods or services?

Visual goods can sell well to Etsy.

But how can you use your talents to make your business a service model I really love making handmade prints and fine art. But when I decided that I wanted to rate my business, I had to figure out how to use my drawing skills and teaching skills to provide services that I can grow on many different sides.

Handmade items are a great addition to Etsy

But selling your services can help you grow your business in a big way, so if you answered those questions and are still wondering if it’s time to dump Etsy for Shopify.

Here are a few reasons

First, I love -cus using Shopify offers. It works as an open web design platform, like WordPress.So you can edit code, hold a custom URL, and add domain settings for things like custom email addresses, or not.

You can also find the store starting in minutes with its templates If you need more help with learning how to use Shopify to bookmark your storefront or would like to be contacted by a professional, contact me with interesting things. I would love to help you design your Shopify store for 2020. The following reason is related to customization. Because Shopify does this very well. Shopify offers apps. These are created by third-party developers or provided by Shopify, and Extensions completed in your store.


The apps I have included include my free consulting appointment layout. -Omisend’s email in the weekly newsletter, which you can subscribe to, and my site, interesting stuff. co. There are also integration apps to help digital market your products or services. 

I have connected my web store to Facebook marketing so that I can embed products on my Facebook business page, and Google Shopping so that I can be seen in search results All these apps help you create a unique product for your business and adapt your website to access your customer base.

I wish my site could grow and change easily when I need it. Honestly, apps have been one of the biggest because I see their value as a designer of blending and matching and creating an extraordinary sense of more than just colors and fonts. for the following reason, I just want to say again that I swear I was not sponsored in any way with this video. I just love my Shopify site right now. Love’s This is their customer support.

They were amazing, downloading some of the most responsive customer services I had with online platforms. You can connect very quickly with representatives. And I felt as if they were trying to help me solve any problem I was asking. 

Etsy seems to be trying to take my money with new policies and funds. So to repeat, I would say that if you are a small retailer or a hobby business and are happy to continue working on that love, reach out to the market and stay with Etsy. But if you are looking for big business in 2020 and beyond, you might consider earning a platform towards growing your business and providing you with tools to help create a dynamite brand.

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