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After working on more than 100+ WordPress sites in the last 7 years to make automated advertising. Today I have a summary of the most shocking and important modules that will make your WordPress sites at different times better. I can guarantee you will present my proposed 4-5 modules. To be equipped with this module you must like the video, tied to my channel, and comment “give me the module.” And support me on Instagram considering how I will be explaining the results there. My Instagram username is manouri you will choose 5 champs and report the result on Instagram once we have expressed 1000 likes and comments.

This way, we have to get into my PC screen. You can check the display location of this video to get the most out of the modules targeted at this video. Click here if you can view the free course to go ahead with machines costing Rs. 60,000 free and get here if you have to watch my branch advertise a hilarious course where I will show you the best way to create and rate an Amazon amazon site without planning. Subtitles for screen recording, the first and largest module for any site owner is speed mode As all the sites I go to are promoted on the web page is as encouraging as it should be in my blogging piece on my web page.

The most inspiring that I use and recommend is intermundane which is an excellent part of the Site promotion that comes with the free SG Optimizer Plugin. Previously I used to use the sprocket as my speed module. It’s a paid module out there. It is an extremely amazing module and very easy to imagine designing. All you have to do is submit it, present it and it will make your site grow. However, starting late I moved on to SG Optimizer, which is a free module offered to get started now with the site is encouraging. So, if you are just starting out now you are using the world that encourages you to introduce this module. You can see it here when I recently introduced it to my site. It has all the features that a good speed module should have, it should be able to look at all the best-advanced development modes I have minified, HTML, JAVA Script, I minimize CSS all the suggestions include a suggestion to make my site surprisingly fast. If you do not have a promotional site or do not have the funds to store goods in the sprocket you can go to W3 Total Cache. It’s a popular speed module out there in the WordPress module office. In line with these lines, when you introduce yourself just play with the settings or watch the YouTube workout in the best way to organize it and your site will be incredibly fast. Therefore, having a speed module is a mandatory requirement. If I have to tell you snappier your site is the best SEO for your site.
As soon as your site has more traffic you will have the option to drive because people will be satisfied with your site and google moreover is looking at a faster site, so I strongly recommend a speed module. As a side note, whenever you launch a speed module and whenever you make decisions, for example, minify, HTML, minify JAVA Script and join CSS whenever you make any option certainly ensures you open your webpage consider how to ultimately happen that amazing web page display in clear settings. So you definitely make sure you enable one set of bones and after a while look at your site’s response in case everything goes well, then it works fine.

The basic module that accompanies each WordPress site owner should be a support module and the module I use to optimize my site is Updraft Plus. This module is also free; it has a game plan yet even its free basic layout is all one might need. If you use a web page quote like me, then the self-promotional world puts the usual fence of your webpage at regular intervals. So, you don’t have to worry about tightening anyway for the sake of security and I’m taking the scripts of text using this update module anyway. It is one of the most common modules when it comes to consolidation as should be the 5star ratio here. 2,879 votes 5stars rating. It is a standard module in this way the various WordPress site uses it and the module is worthy of hero worship because it has many amazing features the best part is that you can build your support and you don’t have to do it sincerely and you can save your castles from Google rive, Amazon S3 your castles there. I use google drive to store all my forks. I am clearly showing you that my updraft without support to restore the module settings as it should be clear that the confirmation of my next schedule will be on June 27, 2019, and you can also do manual support by clicking Backup Nowhere. Other than that, you can also see that the prop up fortification was on the 20th of June since I have a lot of 7days days that castles are done after a long time after a week and moreover you can see that the previous support was done on June 3rd and I am doing the whole site support database, modules, points, movements, others all. I can also redirect the site to any retrieval site I need by clicking here, and the site will revert that difference.

You can see the settings here; I do the fortification reliably and use google drive to save my castles. Since I started now I have bought space on my google drive for 1 terabyte, so this makes me monitor my site. Except for how the area gives me a general reinforcement suggestion. I would ask the thoughtful staff at any time to restore my website or help me with downloading my webpage however for security reasons I have also introduced this particular module and I think support is essential for any website looking at how your website might be hacked at any time or may have a problem with a webpage where you can extend the awesome return to your web page in the previous description. After that, I strongly recommend that you have a support module.

Most similar to what I have pointed out earlier that web page speed is important in tone and another single module that helps you speed up the website is the defrost Smush Plugin formerly called asp Smush is not Smush Image Compression deoptimization’s you can see the star rating here and it has a rating of 3.841 stars because where you submit an image to your webpage you resize your web page as it should be clear on my blogging tools. In the same way, this is an image, where your page will have quick images that will load a bit, and you don’t have to bother with the limited stacking page because you need your visitors to shine. As people are happy now, they tend to not hold for 5 to 10 seconds so that the site page is stuck they will press back. So you need your page to be compiled as quickly as possible in the normal way and be another way to deal with it by merging images and this is the area of ​​Smush Image Compression and Optimization module turns out to be probably the most important thing it will do usually pack images. So imagine if your 100kbso images using this particular module will reduce your image size by 30 to 70% without much impact on thermae’s imagination, which is very similar to this article I have so many images that just by using WP Maclurin I can save the size of these images and that is why my site page will be indexed at a faster rate. Although I’ve been using it before and these days I don’t use this module instead, I use this site called so whenever I have things I need to pack so Alli can make you choose an image here and submit it here. 

So 4.7MB image has been reduced by 81% and the concept of the image has not been distorted by the tone of this definition I am using this website call pack web is slowly coming to your web page will turn into this definition which I agree to have as low a module as possible to be normal but using this website is a cycle of hands as you have removed the image and downloaded it immediately to your WordPress function. No matter, using WP the Smush Image Compression and Optimization all you have to do is press and then it will pack all the images of your site, so I definitely recommend this module.

The accompanying module does not need to be imported is one of the most notable modules there and when we talk about the Sealift known as Yoast SEO. You can see stargazing here at a rate of 25,000 + 5-star. It is one of the most popular SEO modules out there and I personally use the best features for free you don’t have to get, and the features are great so whenever you post an article, let me say ‘I’ll just give you one of my articles here and pay for the report this way anytime you have to enter a combined theme you have to do when the modules are introduced you can add your meta title, you can also add your meta display, you also have a variety of options such as should you here play with the plug set.

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