USD to PKR – Dollar Rate in Pakistan Today – 18 August 2023

The USD to PKR exchange rate in Pakistan today, August 18, 2023, is Rs. 294.92. This is the interbank rate for the US Dollar to the Pakistani Rupee at the start of the business day today.

USD to PKR – Today’s Dollar Rate in Pakistan

It is pertinent to mention that this USD to PKR (US Dollar to Pakistani Rupee Rate in Pakistan) Today on 18 August 2023 in the interbank market and open market rates provided by banks or forex exchange companies are slightly higher.

Dollar Rate in Pakistan (Dollar to PKR) Today

The US Dollar rate was Rs. 294.92 against Pakistani Rupee (PKR) at the closing of the interbank market on Thursday (17 August 2023) and the new closing rate for USD to PKR for 18 August 2023 will be updated at the end of the business day.

18 August 2023 Rs. 294.92
17 August 2023 Rs. 294.92

Here is the USD to PKR exchange rates for different amounts:

  • 1 US Dollar = Rs. 294.92
  • 10 US Dollars = Rs. 2949.20
  • 100 US Dollars = Rs. 29492.00
  • 1000 US Dollars = Rs. 294920.00

The USD to PKR exchange rate is constantly changing, so it is important to check the latest rates before making any transactions.

The official exchange rate set by the State Bank of Pakistan currently stands at PKR 294.72 per 1 USD on this date. US Dollars and Pakistani Rupees have separate interbank and open market rates, showcasing distinct disparities. A drop in US Dollar rates has influenced the value of the Pakistani Rupee, currently worth PKR 0.21 or 0.071%. With the calculator, convert currency values online.

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Factors Affecting the USD to PKR Exchange Rate

The USD to PKR exchange rate is affected by a number of factors, including:

  • The value of the US Dollar
  • The value of the Pakistani Rupee
  • The demand for US Dollars in Pakistan
  • The supply of US Dollars in Pakistan
  • Political and economic conditions in Pakistan
  • Geopolitical events

How to Convert USD to PKR

There are a number of ways to convert USD to PKR. You can do this at a bank, a forex exchange company, or online. When converting USD to PKR, it is important to get the best possible rate. You can compare rates from different banks and forex exchange companies before making a transaction.

Is it a good time to buy USD in Pakistan?

Investment goals and the current state of the economy in Pakistan are vital in answering this question. Before investing in US Dollars, meticulous investigation and risk understanding are essential. The exchange rate is an important factor to analyze before making a purchase, so consider its current state. The constantly changing USD to PKR exchange rate necessitates frequent updates. You can consult these websites for banks, forex exchange companies, or online currency converters.

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